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Welcome to the weblin Publisher blog!

This blog includes infos about the weblin “Publisher”

The Publisher is a tool of the free full client version of weblin. You can use it to manage blog posts, screenshots, time stamps and quotations on multiple blog accounts without visiting your blog portals. This will save you lots of time if you’re an engaged blogger.

You may use the weblin Publisher to write, crop images and quote stories instantly from a page you discovered and send them directly to your personal blog – even in an unpublished sample mode if you want.

Watch this video sample on YouTube


– Be able to pick even small parts from a website like single pictures or texts (You dont have to send the image of the whole website, nevertheless even that is possible).

– Decide to send the image you picked together with a text – the Publisher allows you to write into your blog through weblin and it can be published as an article instantly.

– Chose if you want enclose a time stamp and date of the picture.

– Get more comfort with multiple account presets and manage many different blogs with only one tool

– Enclose a link of your clipped screen which also could start weblin lite automatically (More info about weblin lite at http://weblinlite.wordpress.com)

– Produce and save high quality screenshots and parts of screenshots without using “offline software”

– Supported blog portals for the weblin Publisher will be WordPress (direct and indirect support), Blogger.com and Twitter.

– Advanced email function: Create pre-defined groups – you don’t have to put in every email adress again in every email you want to send

You can find the weblin Publisher, if you are using the weblin client software. Click on the “butler” menu in the bottom left of your browser. Open the applications and chose the weblin Publisher at the top.

Click here to manage the first step and join the weblin world instantly – it’s just a weblin Preview that doesn’t include the Publisher features!

Get the weblin software at weblin.com to have even bigger possibilities, overview and fun – it’s also completely free and includes the Publisher!


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